Nintendo Wii Release List for 2008

16 07 2008

Here’s the current list of release dates for the Wii games of 2008 (according to IGN). Read the rest of this entry »


New The Conduit Gameplay Walkthrough

16 07 2008

E3 2008: Developer Cam Walkthrough Part 1


E3 2008: Developer Cam Walkthrough Part 2


Awesome! Hey, why are you reading this? You could be watching the walkthrough!

Does Wii MotionPlus Put a Damper on The Clone Wars and Force Unleashed?

16 07 2008

Not to come across overly bitter, but I’m a little disappointed that we have two Star Wars games coming out for Nintendo’s home console without Wii MotionPlus functionality. In fact, I’m a little confused why the product won’t make the holiday season. My theory is that Wii Sports Resort was intended to hit the spring crowd, so they’d rather make the enhancement a bundled product in their own game even if it’s not ready for release, than allow third parties access for the holiday 2008 buzz.

Few things are known about Wii MotionPlus, such as whether it will be backwards compatible with older Wii games. One thing seems certain, the PR surrounding the device will already make two major Lucas Arts games feel dated before they even release. At least, that’s my take…. what about you guys?

Madworld E308 Trailer

16 07 2008

If over the top blood and action were the reasons you got excited for Madworld, then you’ll love the new trailer.  Madworld’s teaser at this year’s E3 shows what every old fashion American loves…. the ripping in half of human bodies!  The main character sports a chainsaw arm, as well.  Other than that, there’s little info in the new trailer, but hey, at least the mayhem is all narrated by a spiffy announcer!

Miyamoto: ‘We’re Making Pikmin’

16 07 2008

Nintendo’s Developer Conference is still going on. Miyamoto just stated that they’re hard at work on a new Pikmin game. More news as it develops.


Megaman 9: Plug Man and Concrete Man Gameplay

16 07 2008



Can’t get enough of that old-school Megaman action!

The Nintendo E3 Press Event In 3.5 Seconds

16 07 2008