New WiiCast Blogger

18 07 2008

Hey WiiCasters,

Will asked me to give a shout out to all the loyal WiiCast fans, letting YOU know I’ll be joining the team as a regular blog poster. Some of you may already know me from around the Web; I go by the name “GeekyDad” on most gaming sites and forums I frequent. I also write as a freelance reviewer / previewer for Cheat Code Central and was recently hired on by British gaming site AceGamez to write reviews for them, as well.

But my Nintendo geek-ness goes way back, and as a WiiCast fan, myself, I was eager to participate in helping to get relevant, Wii-related info out there for the community to discuss. I’ve enjoyed watching each episode of the WiiCast almost since its inception, and when the new site went up, I never left. So, I look forward to being part of this really fun endeavor.

-Tony Capri (aka GeekyDad)


Megaman 9: Plug Man and Concrete Man Gameplay

16 07 2008



Can’t get enough of that old-school Megaman action!

Show Delay

16 07 2008

You might be wondering where this week’s episode of The Wiicast is. Well, word has it that Nintendo will be holding a developer conference this afternoon. I want to wait until we get all the information before I start putting together a show. Stuff like this always happens to me: I put a show together, get all worked up over Nintendo disappointing us and five minutes after the show goes up they announce something awesome. The show is comming, don’t worry.

RAWR! Fnally on WiFi!

15 07 2008

Just a quick note for you guys. The good new is I’m finally on WiFi. The bad news? The videos are too big to upload through WordPress. I’d FTP them but I don’t have a client on this laptop. However. I will have a show up for you with all of the footage later tonight. In the meantime I’m sure Jesse can scrounge up some footage from the conference. See you all tonight!

LiveBlog Test for E3

7 07 2008

Harry Potter and the Trailer of no Gameplay

6 07 2008


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince doesn’t have a movie trailer yet but that’s not stopping EA from releasing a game trailer! I kind of liked the previous Harry potter game for its fun Wii controls and beautiful environments. However, the massive fetch quest gameplay was a bit of a turn off. You can’t really gather any idea of how Half Blood will play from this trailer but at least we know there’s a new game coming right? Hopefully EA will craft more of an adventure that a collect-a-thon this time around. What about you guys? Will you be on board the Hogwarts Hype Train this fall?


5 07 2008

nothing to see here