Mega64: E3 2009 Day 2

19 07 2008

Tecmo SPRays Footage All Over Us

19 07 2008


Tecmo’s new game SPRay is shaping up to be pretty interesting. It takes the concept of the “Pixels” from Super Paper Mario into a full 3D platformer. As you progress through the game you’ll amass a small army of these flying sidekicks that spray different liquids onto the environment. Each liquid has a different property – sticky goo, ice, etc. While the graphics need a little touching up, SPRay could be one of the most unique games on the Wii when it’s released.

Cammie Dunaway to Core Gamers: Keep Playing Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

17 07 2008


In this interview with Nintendo’s Cammie Dunaway the reviewer expresses concern over the lack of core games in Nintendo’s press event. Her Response? She says core gamers should “keep playing Mario Kart and Smash Bros” and “try Wii Music”. She goes on to emphasize looking to third parties for titles that will satisfy “advanced” gamers. Oh, she’s also not a long time gamer. ‘Professor Layton was actually the first game I played through so that was kind of an accomplishment” she said. The good news is that she “absolutely loves us”. Awwwwww.

Miyamoto: E3 Not For Core Games

17 07 2008

In this writer’s opinion Nintendo is embarrassed by their core gamers. This year’s E3 was all about appealing to the mass market. Miyamoto explains that the event is not for core games anymore

For a very long time, E3 was an event where — and certainly Nintendo included — catered specifically to the core gamer. Now we look at more … an opportunity for us to introduce new concepts and new types of play that we intend to bring to the broader audience, particularly because of the media that gathers at E3 now.

So while attending an E3 event like this, they might be given the impression that Nintendo is no longer focusing on the games that appeal to the core gamer, in fact we’re still working on many of those titles, but it’s just not the type of event where we’ll be showcasing that anymore.

That’s little comfort for people who were disappointed by Nintendo’s press conference. Looks like Nintrndo’s core game announcements will be restricted to the depths of the internet where the general public will never know they’re there.

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Nintendo Wii Release List for 2008

16 07 2008

Here’s the current list of release dates for the Wii games of 2008 (according to IGN). Read the rest of this entry »

New The Conduit Gameplay Walkthrough

16 07 2008

E3 2008: Developer Cam Walkthrough Part 1


E3 2008: Developer Cam Walkthrough Part 2


Awesome! Hey, why are you reading this? You could be watching the walkthrough!

Does Wii MotionPlus Put a Damper on The Clone Wars and Force Unleashed?

16 07 2008

Not to come across overly bitter, but I’m a little disappointed that we have two Star Wars games coming out for Nintendo’s home console without Wii MotionPlus functionality. In fact, I’m a little confused why the product won’t make the holiday season. My theory is that Wii Sports Resort was intended to hit the spring crowd, so they’d rather make the enhancement a bundled product in their own game even if it’s not ready for release, than allow third parties access for the holiday 2008 buzz.

Few things are known about Wii MotionPlus, such as whether it will be backwards compatible with older Wii games. One thing seems certain, the PR surrounding the device will already make two major Lucas Arts games feel dated before they even release. At least, that’s my take…. what about you guys?