Tecmo SPRays Footage All Over Us

19 07 2008


Tecmo’s new game SPRay is shaping up to be pretty interesting. It takes the concept of the “Pixels” from Super Paper Mario into a full 3D platformer. As you progress through the game you’ll amass a small army of these flying sidekicks that spray different liquids onto the environment. Each liquid has a different property – sticky goo, ice, etc. While the graphics need a little touching up, SPRay could be one of the most unique games on the Wii when it’s released.




One response

19 07 2008

meh… this does look interesting.

but not nearly exciting enough to get me out of this post-E3 funk.

so far, this looks like a tier 3 title. =\
Zak & Wiki was awesome, but this looks considerably less polished – perhaps it’s just an early version?

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