Cammie Dunaway to Core Gamers: Keep Playing Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

17 07 2008


In this interview with Nintendo’s Cammie Dunaway the reviewer expresses concern over the lack of core games in Nintendo’s press event. Her Response? She says core gamers should “keep playing Mario Kart and Smash Bros” and “try Wii Music”. She goes on to emphasize looking to third parties for titles that will satisfy “advanced” gamers. Oh, she’s also not a long time gamer. ‘Professor Layton was actually the first game I played through so that was kind of an accomplishment” she said. The good news is that she “absolutely loves us”. Awwwwww.




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17 07 2008

I mean, on the one hand I see her (Nintendo’s) point…. it’s not like Kart and Smash are old games by any stretch. We shouldn’t be so spoiled as to cast those aside… (my gf and I are playing Smash right now!).


it’s not so much that I am disappointed that a new “core” title isn’t coming out in the next few months. it’s more that I feel betrayed in that it seems like they don’t even care enough about us core gamers as to give us SOMETHING to look forward to. Even a friggin’ trailer for a game not due for 2 years would be SOMETHING you know!?

17 07 2008

@ Joie

I kinda agree with you man but look at it this way. It’s not just the Wii, even the DS didn’t make me happy, a console AND a handheld with nothing to look forward to (and no im not a GTA fan otherwise I would’ve gotten PS2/PS3 over GC/Wii).

But the part that bummed me out was exactly as Will posted earlier; improved Wii motion technology yet neither lightsaber games have it, no storage solution, and a microphone that would basically pick up noise all over my room and I’m not a loud talker into a headset as is, I’m not gonna yell at the TV.

17 07 2008

lol this is getting tiresome,

Chrono, if Nintendo isn’t making you happy buy a 360 or PS3 it would save us all alot of trouble.

Anyways, you guys need to realize what nintendo does and get over it. For god of war 3 sony showed a tiny less then a minute CGI clip, we all knew it was comming, but do you guys still want crap like that.

I mean, i know you all expect nintendo to just throw out masterpieces left and right but have some god damn patience seriously. They Don’t show a game unless it’s a certain length through development, Besides brawl they’ve stuck too that, and brawl had alot of delays, So seriousl calm down.

17 07 2008


just speaking for myself, I think we agree more than we disagree.

there are a TON of games for the Wii that I absolutely love… there are many games that have been out for a while that I am psyched to play but have not yet played.

and at this point that is absolutely as much as any reasonable person could ask for.


my point is, my concern is, that this press conference reflects a movement from Nintendo away from creating solid titles and towards casual BS games that no one will even remember in 2 years. I want to look forward to playing Wii for years… I don’t want to have to wish I had the money to buy a PS3… know what I mean? I just wanted to see some reassurance that the PS3/60 fanboys I argue with were wrong – that Nintendo is committed to making great games, not just great amounts of money.

I’m sorry if that sounds too harsh to you, I’d really rather we all just got along =)

18 07 2008

Nice try, but you get no sympathy from me, Cammy.

18 07 2008

I can’t stand Cammie.

Yeah Nintendo are really annoying me now, I think i am re-evaluating my status as a Nintendo fan.What was going through their minds when they decided to showcase ‘Rayman Ravin Rabbits’ ahead of ‘The Conduit’???

It’s not just a case of them making casual style games, but they are putting ALL their marketing and Research budget into them…….was project HAMMER cancelled so they could put their efforts into Wii music?… ‘Disaster Day Of Crisis’ in development hell because Nintendo have now decided to prioritize Wii sports: Resort etc.

The ‘well if you don’t like Nintendo sell your Wii, Nintendo don’t owe you guys anything’ argument is annoying……because they do actually.

Many hardcore Nintendo fans kept the company going. Do you remember in 2004….

*GC had been trounced by PS2 and XBOX in sales

*Sony Had announced the PSP, a device that ‘analysts’ said would break Nintendo’s handheld monopoly

*Nintendo rushed out the DS in a desperate hope to try and keep a hold of the market

*Mario Sunshine, MK: DD, and Zelda WW had all sold poorly for such franchises.And received a lot of criticism for gameplay choices.

*Whispers were abound Nintendo would have to do a Sega and become third party.

Nintendo were in trouble, but us hardcore fans got them through it. We didn’t HAVE to buy titles like Donkey Konga, Battalion Wars, Geist, Pikmin…..they hardly screamed BUY ME! But we did enough to save Nintendo from going the way of Sega.

And now they’re nursed back to full health…..and on top again, they’re doing a good old ‘whatever’ to the fans that held their hand whilst the company was on life support.

Nintendo care more about appealing to my sister/mother/grandparents than they do you or I, that’s sad!

18 07 2008
Jesse Bramhall

And Ratson, we were the day one purchasers too. We got the console out to the casuals for them. Many people didn’t know what a Wii was until we brought it over to their house.

18 07 2008

all good points I’m afraid…

18 07 2008

i hope nintendo will see people’s reactions to Cammie and never let her speak much, or at all in public again.
she speaks down to us like we are all her kids.

during the conference, during Wii Sports Resort, and she was all like “This is the just the cutest game you have ever seen!” i was embarassed to be a nintendo fanboy, for the first time ever. and please, tell her to stop smiling. her smile is as scary and fake as hillary clinton’s smile

18 07 2008

Yeah, Cammie is very annoying. You can tell she doesn’t know about anything she’s describing when it comes to the Wii. I really just hate her being a part of any conference/interview. Putting that aside, wtf? Keep playing games you released 3-4 months ago respectively? Look to third parties? Nintendo has never relied on third parties, and I can’t see how they would do that now especially after their lack of progress with the NGC. Ratson is right on every front. I’ve been a hardcore Nintendo fan since the NES or even the Game & Watch units, and I’ve always defended their products. Especially to for the GC because it got a lot of crap. Nintendo owes us something more than “Play those other games we developed, we want to talk to your grandparents for a while and sell them something they don’t need or care about.”

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