Megaman 9: Plug Man and Concrete Man Gameplay

16 07 2008



Can’t get enough of that old-school Megaman action!




2 responses

16 07 2008

speaking of Capcom, Chris Kramer of Capcom said they will announce “new control options” for RE5 in the fall.

does anyone think this might mean a (graphically watered down) version for the Wii??

or is he just referring to possibilities of PS3/60’s new motion control stuff?


17 07 2008

You never know? Nintendo did have exclusive rights to RE4,RE0,RE:umbrella chronicles,and REmake (as well a releases of the older RE games to). So I wouldn’t be surprised to see another RE game on the wii. But if RE5 was coming to the Wii I wouldn’t be expecting it for a couple of years. Otherwise we would have heard more about a Wii version by now.

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