Does Wii MotionPlus Put a Damper on The Clone Wars and Force Unleashed?

16 07 2008

Not to come across overly bitter, but I’m a little disappointed that we have two Star Wars games coming out for Nintendo’s home console without Wii MotionPlus functionality. In fact, I’m a little confused why the product won’t make the holiday season. My theory is that Wii Sports Resort was intended to hit the spring crowd, so they’d rather make the enhancement a bundled product in their own game even if it’s not ready for release, than allow third parties access for the holiday 2008 buzz.

Few things are known about Wii MotionPlus, such as whether it will be backwards compatible with older Wii games. One thing seems certain, the PR surrounding the device will already make two major Lucas Arts games feel dated before they even release. At least, that’s my take…. what about you guys?




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16 07 2008

Thank God. Abandon that piece of junk already, so that Nintendo doesn’t make these retarded peripherals anymore. If the Wii was supposed to have been so revolutionary to begin with, why would it need three useless peripherals (Wii Zapper, Balance Board, Motion Plus) to enhance the control experience?

I’m GLAD they don’t support this peripheral idiocy. A lot like in the NES days when there was junk like the U-force and the Power Glove.

16 07 2008


I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make.

In general,
yea, I completely agree with Will. this seems like a really terrible market strategy if the MotionPlus isn’t COMPLETELY backwards compatible.

The Force Unleashed was supposed to shine on the Wii because of the motion controls. and yet, judging from E3, no one cares about the Wii version because the PS3/60 is getting all the attention. Now, as Will said, we won’t even be able to get psyched about the motion control for this game because it will be outdated by the time it comes out!!!

Nintendo has really ticked me off in the last 48 hours. I was/am such a fanboy, but this is hard to take.

17 07 2008

I don’t really think Wii MotionPlus is that big of a deal. I admit it’s a cool, even neat, idea/device, but personally I don’t want 1:1 motion controls on everything I play. I know the Wii is revolutionary and all that jazz, but the Wii is the only console I own, and I play video games 5-6 hours a day about everyday of the week. So I like to casually play and then I like to have hardcore sessions of gameplay, and when I do that I would rather use something like the Classic controller. I think the Wii should get a few RPGs that just use the Classic controller. Lately I’ve just been playing PC games instead of the Wii because I don’t want to be moving around as much. So in short, I’m definitely glad these Star Wars titles won’t use Wii MotionPlus.

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