Dead Rising Comes to Wii, For Real.

16 07 2008

What’s that? Some random dude on a Capcom forum said Dead Rising wasn’t comming to Wii? What? You believed him? Well, he was wrong. These scans from Famitsu magazine show the Wii version of Dead rising which, I must say, look really nice. Translation suggests the game will include an all-new boss, more weapons and a revamped save system. My prayers are being answered. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for a western release.

[more scans]




5 responses

16 07 2008
Jesse Bramhall

Lol, for the first time in history third party games are better than first party games on a Nintendo console. Seriously, there’s a lot of core gamer stuff coming our way these days, fragile, fatal frame 4, dead rising, that Luminous Arc Spin off. Nintendo however, we get Animal Crossing, which is fine, that game is really cool and all, and will last a long time, but some hardcore Nintendo games would be nice, as everyone has stated.

16 07 2008
Jesse Bramhall

some more, it was a typo, I know that in many ways AC is hardcore.

16 07 2008

this is great news in spite of there horrible press conference, ive always wanted to play this game and its a definite buy for me

17 07 2008
Dead Rising Wii Bound « Team Wi-Fi Galaxy News

[…] Source: […]

17 07 2008

Excellent news, I agree with Jesse that the third-party line-up is looking pretty good while Nintendo is trying to give us the shaft about as bad as Sony does to its fanbase.

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