You still have a few more days to keep your hopes up.

15 07 2008

Personally this e3 Was a Victory in my book.

But i realize that only 3 or 5 people share my view. I’m sorry/dissapointed that everybody didn’t get the brighter picture this e3, but you never know what will happen, after all brawl wasn’t announced at a confrence but in closed doors a day or two after I forget.

Till then i’ll be waiting for November 16th.





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15 07 2008
Jesse Bramhall

My faith in nintendo is pretty exhausted at this point, but I agree that they could always pull something out at the last minute.

15 07 2008

Let’s hope so, eh? I was excited about the Wii MotionPlus but they didn’t look as responsive as they let on, but I am stoked about AC:CF.

16 07 2008

“You still have a few more days to keep your hopes up.”

Hopes… Isn’t that what Nintendo fans need most nowadays? It’s as if those greedy losers at Nintendo have stopped caring about games and has become nothing but a heartless money-making giant. Countless times, while watching game previews i have found myself think: “Wow, these are some amazing games coming for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. I wish there was stuff like this for the Wii.” But there never is.

16 07 2008

Well mabey thats the problem, if you can’t handle the wii mabey you just need to buy A new system, The wii is the system for me, and this e3 proved I don’t need to buy another system for a good while to keep myself busy.

16 07 2008

Hey, I agree with Van. I was a bit disappointed, but I think it was still very good. I’m more happy than disappointed.

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