“The Puppies, Right?” Wii Sports Resort Announced For 2009, MotionPlus Bundled In

15 07 2008

1:1 motion has almost been the “holy grail” of Wii gaming, ever since the Wiimote was originally revealed. Hardcore gamers were led to believe that the feature could exist in some fashion, on Nintendo’s hit console, from the very beginning. However, most attempts to do more complex 1:1 motion (such as sword fighting, boxing, etc.) have typically failed in the past.

The new peripheral, MotionPlus, has finally been presented to the press in true Nintendo fashion, through puppies! Nintendo of America executive vice president for sales and marketing Cammie Dunaway took center stage to throw a few frisbees to a cute puppy on screen. With MotionPlus, the controller appeared to fully capture the three dimensional movement of her hand. Later, both Reggie and Cammie duked it out in a 1:1 sword fighting match! Will D’angelo, who attended the event, said the Nintendo exec sword duel on stage appeared to translate perfectly into the game.

Even if you have little interest in a Wii Sports sequel, the more advanced motion sensing is a welcome addition to the Wii. The only gripe is that Wii Sports Resort is set for Spring 2009, that seems a long ways off for a feature that really should have been in the Wiimote to begin with. Gripes aside, the new technology has us very excited!




2 responses

15 07 2008

important question: what will the compatibility of this device be?

for example, will MotionPlus be able to upgrade the responsiveness of all my old Wii games?

or, on the flip side,
will MotionPlus only work with certain games, and thus mean that future games might not even be able to operate with my (potentially obsolete) Wii remote!??!

my fear is the later is true….

15 07 2008
Jesse Bramhall

Good Question! We don’t know. I’m sure that’s going to be a major topic of discussion in the next Wiicast podcast.

Let the mystery unfold!

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