Nintendo’s Press Conference Yields Little For ‘Core’ Wii Owners

15 07 2008

At just over sixty minutes in length, Nintendo’s E3 press conference failed to deliver the goods for Wii owners looking to have a more ‘deep’ gameplay experience with their Wii. Sure, Wii MotionPlus was announced which will give the hardcore what they’ve been clamoring for (1:1 controls). However, Nintendo’s only announced game for the device, Wii Sports Resort, Is not being released until spring of 2009. Furthermore, third party developers haven’t had any development time with the new add-on – as said by Reggie at today’s conference. Nintendo also neglected covering upcoming summer and fall releases (Mario Super Sluggers and Wario Land: Sake It, respectively) to focus on first and third party sales data and Wii Music.

Wii Music really bothers me. The software (excluding the drum simulator) seems like an overpriced fisher price music toy. No skill is required for the core gameplay. From what I’ve seen, there’s no incentive to improve your frantic waggling and button pushing. The software is squarely classified as a toy.

Animal Crossing: City Folk was also announced with a most-wanted feature. Wii Speak is Nintendo’s answer to voice chat. The system connects to the Wii via USB connection and attaches to the top of the sensor bar supposedly providing sound from everywhere in the room to players online. Unlike Wii MotionPlus, Wii Speak will not come packed in with Animal Crossing. It will be available separately for $29.99.  The question is: How comfortable are you with yelling at your television instead of talking into a headset? Will noisy housemates of family ruin the experience? It seem like an odd choice as far as voice chat is concerned.

It’s clear now that Nintendo released their ‘legendary franchises’ early in the Wii’s life to pacify long-time fans while they changed their focus to a much more casual market. There was no announcement of Pikmin, F-Zero, Zelda or Punch Out. In fact, Nintendo only showed TWO first party titles throughout the entire conference.

I know I will be buying Animal Crossing alongside WiiSpeak. What else is there for the core Nintendo audience. Will we have to look on third parties to provide more complex, chalenging titles for the Wii? For the next year, at least, I would say yes.




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15 07 2008

wtf nintendo this e3 was a complete let down, they only showed about 10 games some of which looked like they sucked i mean come on wii music, they also only announced only two first party games i mean where the hell is kid icarus at or a new zelda nintendo seriously has to stop boasting about there sales charts and actually give us fanboys something to actually look forward to

15 07 2008

Is there any possibilities that they will announce anything else? Reggie seemed to hint that he might have more to unveil later on throughout to the weak but I could just be hoping, if not lying to myself, for something more than the little they put before us.

15 07 2008

wait, doesn’t nintendo usually hold their own event after E3 where they show off the true surprises? but man…X_x this is not good…*hugs his wii* i still love you…

15 07 2008
Jesse Bramhall

I really agree with you on the Wii music, after I took the time to watch the conference in it’s entirety it really does seem like a fisher price play toy. They even state that you waggle and the game plays the music for you! I’m not confident that the drum set will work properly either.

That game looks like something for extremely drunk people that can be duped into thinking they’re playing music, or very small children.

By the time they brought out the 5 guys, I was like, “Yeah, this is not something I’d ever consider a good time.” It was like a psychotic Rockband, given that they were all out of sync with one another.

15 07 2008
Jesse Bramhall

The only thing I was really happy with was the animal crossing announcement. I think that game is going to be really cool. The voice chat option though, I like the idea on paper as it frees your ear up of a headset, and makes your Tv almost like a portal to other people on the internet, but in practice I have my doubts that it would actually work better.

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