Animal Crossing: City Folk is Heading Your Way This Holiday

15 07 2008

Nintendo’s press conference has just recently finished, and already Nintendo fans are speaking their mind. This year’s big event was shrouded in secrecy and hyped to no end. At the end of the presentation though, the core fanbase seems to have really taken issue with an event that placed them as a very small side note in Nintendo’s whole vision. The one game announcement fans could get behind was Animal Crossing: City Folk.

The Wii title will come bundled with a new microphone device (Edit: That is in fact an error, Wii Speak will not come with Animal Crossing. It will be sold separately at $29.99.) that sits on your sensor bar called Wii Speak. The idea is to allow for a more open community form of voice over IP. As such, multiple people in the same room will be able to chat it up online via one device.

The video shows online that allows four players at a time. Fans will be happy to know that four friends can even enter a house together this time around! Communication seems much improved from the former Animal Crossing. Players will be able to send messages to other friends’ towns, or via the Wii message board. Animal Crossing owners can even send messages to their friend’s cell phone, or personal computer!

Graphically, Will D’angelo (our on site E3 guy) claims that the game looks like a polished Gamecube title. Rest assured though, the visual charm that players know and love is still in tact. Unfortunately for some, besides the changes listed above, the new title seems very close to the experience gamers had in Wild World.

Animal Crossing: City Folk is coming to this Holiday.




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