The Conduit Screens Just Keep on Comin’ to IGN

14 07 2008

From the beginning, High Voltage has treated gamers consistently to updates on the current status of their graphical showcase, The Conduit. The developers have shown their creative work to Wii fans at every pivotal moment during pre-production. The privilege has been exciting for most gamers, as it’s somewhat unique to our industry. Sure, some internet posters haven’t handled the honor appreciatively, but most Nintendo fans seem happy that The Conduit is in creation for Wii. What’s clear is that High Voltage cares about games, and hardcore gamers. Plus, they think the Wii can handle the kind of games that more seasoned gamers enjoy. Hit the “Read More” to see a few more of IGN’s most recent screenshots.

[More Images on IGN]




3 responses

14 07 2008
Will D'angelo

Shaping up to be really nice! Can’t wait to get my hands on it next year!

15 07 2008

The game hasn’t looked very impressive from the first screenshots and the first trailer. Until now, that is! It’s truly starting to look like a game worthy of challenging Xbox 360 visuals and technical design. When the game gets a publisher, I might even pre-order this greatness.

16 07 2008

This game keeps looking better and better. I REALLY want to see some multiplayer gameplay, but this is still getting me plenty excited

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