Rumor! A Slim DS May be the New Toy in Reggie’s Pocket Tommorow!

14 07 2008

Do you remember the moment Reggie pulled out the old, clunky rendition of the Nintendo DS that amazed us all? There’s a very good chance that the Regginator will be doing the same exact thing with a new handheld, but slimmer than ever before! No, not Reggie… the DS! IGN’s Matt Casamassina is claiming that inside sources have confirmed a thinner handheld will be at the event. The best part? The new device is expected to be less than 100 US dollars!

On a side note, Casamassina also reports that rumblings of motion sensing peripherals for Nintendo’s handheld might make their debut at this year’s E3. Matt’s article suggests that both Activision and Nintendo have accelerometer products coming to the DS.





3 responses

14 07 2008
14 07 2008

weeeeeell…least i wont kick myself for buying a new DS lite if this is different and also cheaper…hmmm

15 07 2008

At least someone agrees. I’ve been thinking there should be a new one all year. The GBM was announced one year before it was released, right? I think it was… The best news is we might even get a new handheld! The GBA was born in 2000. It went through a couple redesigns and 4 years later, new handheld. The GBM was shown alongside the DS in 04. Well, it’s 4 years later, and that means we SHOULD be getting the DS Micro, and getting a new handheld.

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