New Pc Competitor to the Wiimote, Called ‘Stix’?

14 07 2008

What looks to be one of the first major competitors to the Wiimote has arrived, and their called Stix. GoLive2 has developed these nifty little Wiimote copies specifically for PC. The strategy (and I must of admit it’s a clever one) is to develop a free portal full of motion sensing video games for this new PC controller. Clearly, these devices could potentially be a new trend in web browser gaming, if GoLive2 play their cards right.

One look will tell you that Stix are a point for point rip off of the Wiimote. The battery hatch is in the same location, as is the trigger. A sensor exists on the front of the controller, as well. The only notable difference, thus far, are the touch sensitive buttons. Interestingly, two of the buttons have the Playstation style X and O labeling. We’ll let the internet speculate on that one!

The Stix controllers will retail with a $39.99 model for 2d gaming, and $49.99 model for both 2d and 3d gaming. Going with different models sounds a bit confusing, but MTV Multiplayer was told that games like World of Warcraft would be playable via the 16 buttons on two Stix. Uh, good luck selling that to hardcore WoWheads!

As expected, the direction for this product doesn’t seem geared toward high end PC gaming. No, as stated before, GoLive2 will be pushing the usage of Stix on their ad supported game portal. That being the case, GoLive2 will also allow people to map controls for any game available on the web. The control scheme can then be submitted to the moderators of the site, and possibly added to the database.

My take? Motion sensing seems like an iffy past time for desktop, or laptop computers. However, if GoLive2 skates by without a lawsuit pulling Stix off the market, I would expect the floodgates to open with a rush of copy cats. What’s your take?





One response

14 07 2008

wow, PC did it first? …ahhhhh i dont think we need to worry

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