Microsoft Announces Avatars! What is Wii Gonna Do About It?

14 07 2008

E308 has just started and one thing is for certain, it’s on! Who will survive in the blood thirsty competition? No one knows, but the stakes are proving to be higher than ever.

Case in point, Microsoft has officially confirmed Avatars for the new Xbox 360 dashboard. The Mii lookalikes are housed in what 1up’s Shane Bettenhausen decribed as a rip off of the Playstation 3’s cross media bar. Microsoft intends for Avatars to be playable in some future games, including Scene It: Box Office Smash. The Avatar’s will also be used in a community based program called Live Party, which will allow up to eight friends to chat, share photos, or even watch movies via their Netflix account (if readers don’t know, Microsoft has officially partnered with Netflix).

All these features sound really huge, and fresh to the 360 experience. The additions look like a far more aggressive move toward Nintendo’s casual market. One can only wonder what exciting announcements Nintendo may have in store to maintain their current market share. Is this going to be the biggest E3 ever? It just might!





One response

14 07 2008

eh…i bet people will forget about them

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