Sarah’s Emergency Room Adds Another Doctor Game to the Operating Table

13 07 2008

GAMEINVEST has a new take on doctor games! Instead of playing a video game style rendition of the board game Operation, Sarah’s Emergency Room will be based on time management. Gamers play as a nurse trying to care for patients in a hectic hospital. On Wii, players will direct the nurse with the Wiimote. Yeah, the game sounds like point-and-click to me too.

Sarah’s Emergency Room is set for a broad range of consoles, as in almost everything (Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and PC platforms)! No word on if this will be a packaged product or WiiWare offering on the little white console we all know and love. Info like that is probably a bit too early to call anyway, as GAMEINVEST is still looking for a publisher. For more info on what seems to be a pretty original title, head over to the Destructoid article!





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