Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + Re: Chain of Memories Being Ported to Wii?

13 07 2008

Here’s another one of those pre E3 rumors. According to Kingdom Hearts Insider, Square Enix is casting English voice actors for the Organization XIII members from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The speculation is that not only Chain of Memories but the entire Japan-Only Final Mix + is headed to North America.

The casting people/paperwork are/is specifically calling it ‘Kingdom Hearts Chains of Memories’ and are SPECIFICALLY casting the 5 Organization members that I named in the article, all of whom were in CoM and don’t have cast English voice actors (outside of those 5 I don’t know if anyone else is being cast in any fashion, although I THINK those were the only 5 characters who are in CoM who don’t already have English actors from KH/KH2).”

Wii owners have been teased with a possible release of Kindom Hearts before and considering Square Enix’s newfound love for Nintendo, I wouldn’t be supprised to see this as a Wii port. However, there’s every possibility that it’s a PS2 port as well. Stay tuned! E3 is almost here.

[Kingdom Hearts Insider – Kingdom Hearts 2: FM+ Re: CoM to North America?!]




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