Rumor! Both Animal Crossing and Punch-Out! to be at E3

11 07 2008

Yet another rumor has surfaced suggesting that Animal Crossing will be at E3, but did you know Punch-Out! might be there as well?. The latest issue of NGamer states:

….if all goes to plan (and our sources haven’t played a mean trick on us), that hands-on coverage will be of Animal Crossing and Punch-Out! Wii, aka Nintendo’s great hopes for 2008.

The magazine also clarifies that Animal Crossing, while not an MMO, will focus heavily on Wi-fi sharing and online multiplayer. NGamer further claims that Punch-Out! Wii will utilize the Balance Board for dodging, along with the Wiimote and Nunchuck motions for punching. As of right now, this isn’t 100 percent confirmed, but publication in a magazine such as NGamer makes these rumors all the more likely.





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