Asking Epic to do a Wii Game is Like Asking a Sculptor to Paint

11 07 2008

When asked if Epic would ever plan to make a Wii game, Epic’s Vice President stated to

No we don’t have any plans to make something for the Wii. That’s like asking a sculptor when he’s going to start painting. That’s just not our medium. That’s not our area of expertise – our area of expertise is the more high-end consoles and things that push technology higher. That’s what we do – there’s a lot more water in that well for us, when that runs dry then maybe we’d have to think of doing something else but I don’t think that well is going to run dry anytime soon.

Oh dear, it’s a good thing Leanardo da Vinci and Michelangelo aren’t still alive to hear nonsense statements about sculptors painting and vice versa!





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11 07 2008
John Galt

“our area of expertise is the more high-end consoles and things that push technology higher.”

That part really angered me. I hate when people refer to the Wii as if it is a lesser console. The Wii is the only “high end” console ,in my opinion, because it is the only one pusing boundaries. The 360 and PS3 are just upping the graphics, nothing has changed since their first systems. The Wii is pushing things forward, motion control is the future.

Note: He may have only been refering to high end consoles as those with high end graphics. In that case, this comment is a moot point.

12 07 2008

I believe higher technology has more to do with innovation than “It looks prettier on 360 and PS3, deerrrrr.” That isn’t good news and that guy stuck his foot in his mouth with the sculptor comment. They asked him about making Wii games, not bad analogies.

12 07 2008

I wouldn’t call it nonsense. I think it’s his way of venting Epic’s frustration with Nintendo’s greed. Let me make clear, though — I don’t own a PS3 or Xbox 360. The only new-gen system I have is the Wii, and I’ve never played an Epic-made game. But considering some of the details about how Nintendo does business with third parties, I’m inclined to sympathize with Epic’s plight. I think he’s also venting his disgust with just how little Nintendo put into the Wii system itself. It’s not a next-gen system, and the motion-control gameplay hasn’t been nearly as relevant as Nintendo led us to believe it would be.

Either way, he’s honest, as well, in his statement, I believe. Epic is good at presenting cutting-edge production values for next-gen systems. Why fool with gratuitous motion control when they can feed on the market of the other systems?

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