Microsoft and Rare Deny Motion Sensing for Banjo-Kazooie Title

10 07 2008

Joystiq recently reported on a commentary video from IGN where Microsoft Game Studios director Ken Lobb suggested that motion sensing existed in the Xbox 360 title, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.

…so you basically grab with the wrench and then you twist the controller around and it’ll move different things in the game.

The internet has been flooded with rumors since this statement, but both Microsoft and Rare deny the suggestion of a motion controller for the game.  Microsoft went on record saying:

There is no truth to this speculation.  Ken’s comment is in reference to rotating the left analog stick while hitting the X-button to move different things in the game.

Rare also spoke up to clarify.

There’s no truth to the Banjo motion control rumor. Banjo has been designed to be played using a gamepad from the outset. People shouldn’t take rumors that gestate in comments sections so seriously. They can often turn out to be red herrings, as is the case with Banjo and motion controls.

I doubt such flat out denial will stop all the rumors, as the internet is serious business.  For right now though, it’s best to assume that motion sensing for Xbox 360 isn’t set for release, at least until an official announcement.

[via 1up]




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