‘Fanboy’ Now a Term in the Dictionary!

10 07 2008

Have you ever been on a video game message board only to see people argue over which users are or are not fanboys? Definitions for the term have been debated time and time again, but in reality the word always depended on context, ie. “Stop being a blind fanboy!” (someone who thinks a certain product can do no wrong), or “I’m a Mega Man fanboy!” (someone who has passion for or dedication to a certain product, brand or franchise). In the last few years though, the word has become mostly derogatory, merely used for name calling.

Any arguments over what fanboy means (and whether or not you are one) can be laid to rest! Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary has given the word an official definition.

Fanboy (noun): a boy who is an enthusiastic devotee (as of comics or movies)

Conclusion? Everyone is a fanboy for something (unless you just don’t have a passion for anything, a.k.a. you suck!). So, embrace your inner fanboy! That is, be cool about what you like. Don’t be a jerk about it, and don’t be blind to the fact that everything has flaws and everyone has an opinion.

Wow a moral in a news article! I’m feeling a bit like Mr. Rogers right now, so I’ll end on one final thought. Won’t you be my neighbor?

[via 1up]




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11 07 2008

Now I’m officially a Metroid fanboy!

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