We Love Interviews! Siliconera Gets the Dirt on We Love Golf!

8 07 2008

We Love Golf! has been one of my most anticipated Wii games for some time now. The complaints that Camelot’s 7th golf game should have been a continuation of the Mario Golf franchise were completely lost on me. First people complain about too many Mario sports titles, then they complain about a talented studio breaking from a license to make their own intellectual property. But hey, who expected the internet to make any sense!

If you’re a fantasy golf geek like myself, you’ll be pleased to read Siliconera’s interview. Camelot’s major design philosophy for We Love Golf! was to target both beginning gamers and hardcore players. The result seems to have made a game that is intuitive and easy to use, while implementing deeper control methods for the more advanced player. The title will also feature an online mode when the game comes to the West, something that wasn’t in the Japanese version. Camelot assures us that North American gamers will be able to compete with their European buddies, as well.

There’s much more to be found in the full interview, so give the article a look!





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