The Wiicast Episode 95: E308 Hype Train

8 07 2008


It’s all about predictions on this week’s episode! Get aboard the Hype train and explore what might be announced at E3! Plus a review of Spog Racers!




5 responses

8 07 2008
Jesse Bramhall

Yeah, you know I’ve tended to say that 08 has been the year of the PS3 but I’m starting to think that this year’s E3 goes to the Wii. We’ll see.

9 07 2008

damn i cant wait for e3 its going to rock

9 07 2008

rofl @ the attempt at using big words

9 07 2008

E3 2007 announcement was disappointing beyond all imagination. Gosh, I just can’t get over this stupidity known as “Wii Fit”. Is this Nintendo’s idea of a good game?

If the “big announcement” this year is going to be crap like Animal Crossing or Wii Sports 2, I’m going to smash my Wii with a sledge hammer, or maybe I should just sell it. There has already been enough letdowns with Wii software such as Red Steel and Wii Fit, among other killer apps which I thought were over-rated. I’m still hoping for the best.

10 07 2008

Very good show this week. Short but sweet. Looking forward to E3. Hope Nintendo throws us a bone, not least of all a damn storage solution for the Wii, already!

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