Facebreaker KO Party will Supposedly have “One-to-One” Controls

7 07 2008


[The controls were] really something we wanted to embrace from the get go. A lot of words are thrown around like “accessible”, “intuitive”, but really we wanted the responsiveness. That one-to-one responsiveness that what you’re doing is happening on the screen, because without that there’s no strategy and with a boxing game with fighting mechanics in it, we wanted that strategy and that depth of gameplay there as well. -Trey Smith, Facbreaker KO Party Producer

Sounds awesome! I hope they deliver on such a bold promise.  Although the Wii version will have the standard gameplay of the 360/PS3 versions, KO Party will have a number of party modes included so that the game can function as a title for “Mario Party” style fans. Certainly not the end of the world, as that style of gameplay seems to be working in the “All-Play” EA games this year as well. This looks to be a positive year for EA on Wii in general, but we shall see.




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