House Of The Dead Ex Revealed for Arcades, Needs Wii Port

6 07 2008

This week at a Japenese Arcade expo Sega revealed the newest game in their House of the Dead franchise, House of the Dead EX. The game is not your average HoD game. Judging from the comic book style artwork and screenshots, the new shooter will be more of an on rails mini game package…with zombies. Activities include Zombie Rock Band, Bowling and Apple Picking(!) just to name a few. Much like the Time Crisis series, HoDEX will use a foot pedal. However, it’s unclear if the pedal will be used as a cover system like the Time Crisis games.

I’m really hoping Sega ports this game onto the Wii. Zombie Rock Band? Now this is a mini game collection I can get behind! Oh and that pedal on the arcade version? Did someone say balance board support? I sure hope they did! You can check out more artwork and (tiny) screens at the link below:

[Sega Nerds – New HoD Arcade Game]


[Kotaku HODEX Gallery]




4 responses

7 07 2008

actually.. this looks crap… i want zombie shooting not minigames

7 07 2008

lol comeone it not a new house of dead but still could be fun give it a chance still weird idea for them to use house of the dead

7 07 2008
Giga Bowser

You not for a Castlevania fighter but all for a house of the dead minigame compilation’, mean while I’m all for Castlevania Judgement but this house of the dead EX don’t want any part of it thank you

7 07 2008

why do they still make arcade games all they are is a console with pretty decoration.

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