Indisputably Awesome Person #1: Mike Wiley

5 07 2008

Mike Wiley is a brilliant comedian, I’d venture to say one of the best in Chicago. He’s also a big fan of the Wii, and a member of The Wiicast Group of Indisputably Awesome People (our facebook). The following is just a portion of an interview I’ve conducted with this high energy comedian, the rest will show up on our group in the near future.

JB: Hey Mike! Good to see you! First off, can you describe to our readers how you and I met each other?

MW: I met Jesse on November 17th 2006. I know this date specifically because that was the night I stood outside of Best Buy to wait for the Nintendo Wii which was do out two days later. I went with my friend Jon who was meeting Jesse at the store. We got to know each other well since the next morning Jon left for school which left Jesse and I the only ones in line as we were gawked and laughed at by passers by. Security eventually made us sit in the back of the store by the dumpsters.

JB: What have been your favorite games on Wii so far?

MW: Well if you’re talking exclusives I’d have to say my favorites are Zelda Twilight Princess since there is something inately satisfying about being able to virtually slice a goblin from horseback, and Super Mario Kart although something is wrong that playing the entire world online is 100 times easier than playing the Grand Prix by yourself. My favorite games though has to be Super Mario Galaxy. I remember playing it for hours everyday trying to beat it but at the same time I didn’t want the game to ever end.

JB: Any favorite 3rd party games, whether exclusive or not?

MW: I really liked Zack and Wiki and the Wii version of Bully. No More Heroes also has some of the most memorable boss battles and cut scenes of any game I’ve ever played. Although I’ve spent most of my time playing Guitar Hero III. It took me many months but I’ve finally become skilled enough to complete songs on expert.

JB: Awesome! LOL, I’m a big fan of those first three games on Wii too (don’t have Guitar Hero III)! So you’re a comedian in Chicago, right? What kind of comedy do you do? That is, what sort of comedian do you consider yourself to be?

MW: I guess the best way to describe my material is intellectual absurdity, kind of along the lines of Stephen Wright and Mitch Hedberg. In contrast though my performance is very high energy.

JB: From what I’ve seen, you do a lot of fun, random humor. Do you incorporate a great deal of improv into the show? How do you prepare. How do you psyche yourself up to give off that kind of energy?

MW: I don’t do much improv. I usually let my material do most of the work unless something grabs my attention or my written stuff just isn’t working that night for whatever reason. I usually prepare just by going through my jokes before hand. I have a permanent set list that I used as an outline. I have written all my jokes in a specific order to flow and transition from one to the other. It also helps me remember my act. Depending on how much time I am doing that night and what jokes I feel like doing I’ll usually start pulling chucks from my permanent set list and piecing a shorter list for that night. I don’t really have to psyche myself up too much before a show. Being on stage in a room full for strangers usually gives me a big enough adrenalin rush for an energetic performance. If not then alcohol usually does the trick.
JB: LOL, yeah, that would do the trick! Are there any particular themes you find yourself always coming back to in your material? What things in life consistently inspire you, or come across as particularly funny?

MW: Lately I’ve been writing a lot of jokes about science and mythology. I love it because these are subjects that nobody really writes jokes about, but because of that they have a tendancy to backfire because half the time either the joke hits and gets uproarious laughter of people don’t understand what I’m talking about and just stare at me confused. I’m inspired by words in general. A lot of times just thinking about a word will be the basis for a joke. Example:

I had deja vu the other day. The day before that I had deja voodoo. I’m all like, “I feel I’ve sprinkled these monkey bones on this bloody pentagram before. Didn’t I already sacrifice this virgin to the volcano gods? I think I did.”
The rest of the interview is coming soon to The Wiicast Group of Indisputably Awesome People. Join today!



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