Destructoid Gets their Hands on Eternity’s Child

3 07 2008

Luc Bernard is now my hero! What other developer is so transparent, so honest with the media? When Luc’s Eternity’s Child releases on WiiWare in North America, Will D’angelo will have to do the review. I’ve become too partial to Luc’s awesomeness! While we wait for the game to hit the Wii Shop Channel, Destructoid has a very lengthy hands on with the platformer.

What’s the verdict? Eternity’s Child is appearing to be a great game. The preview build has left Destructoid impressed, especially for a work almost entirely created by one guy. Their biggest gripe was with rough visuals, but the issue they took seemed to pertain to the paper cutout, or puppet like look of the game, something that was clearly intentional. Overall though, the site was in awe of the title’s art direction.

Hardcore fans need not worry! The game is also fairly difficult. In fact, Eternity’s Child has left many testers a little frustrated. Luc even jokes about the difficulty.

Most other testers all tend to die too often, because in Eternity’s Child, every platform must be jumped the right way. No mistakes or you die. I just want to make sure no casual gamer will play it by making it so hard.

Awesome! Eternity’s Child could hit Steam as early as this week. As far as the North American and European WiiWare releases, that’s in the hands of the publishers. However, gamers could expect the side-scroller on Wii as early as this year.

[Destructoid – Eternity’s Child Hands On]




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