Re: Dear Joseph, Charlie and Hiro

2 07 2008

Just a note. I want to explain about the Dear Joseph segments. Joseph is one of my very best friends and was my roommate in Las Vegas. I do the Dear Joseph columns to give our readers a chance to catch up on the news from the week. I include not only Wii news but movies as well. It is a bit personal but I like that the site can do something like this. Joseph is not a Wii fan per-se but I always find it interesting when he’s excited for a game coming to Wii and why. If you Don’t enjoy these posts it’s very easy to skip over them.

Hey Will,
Hope CA is not as hot as it has been here, been at least 106 every day mostly higher, reached 112 yesterday and the nigtes are a cool 94 degrees… UGH Since you deleted my reply last week in a drunken stupor from celebrating your birthday all month long, I will reiterate that the 360 is dead… NOT the platform mind you, just our unit. Red Ring took it last week, the sign of the evil eye all bow your heads thank you very much! So I am without my xbox for next three weeks until they return it either fixed or not which means new 360 probably LOL…
So you got Wayne playing Sly Cooper, are you playing it too? Is that the Raccoon game that you were trying to sell me on before you left? And whats with this DSCast??? I was hoping you were doing it to fill the gap between releases for the mighty WII since most of the games they do put out are crappy little nothings having anything to do with WII and real WII releases are so few and far between (sorry to the WII-drones who get offended, All hail the mighty white brick! and all that crap….)
I will tell you what looks good, and you can tell me to go pound sand which your readers probably will anyway, but that is Arc Rise Fantasia, only thing bothering me is GIANT SWORDS AGAIN?!? But it seems like the kind of game I could get into, what do you think? As a side note to giant swords, I got Kingdom Hearts and am NOT hating it, big surprise.
Why you torturing people with the DeathNote thing??? And Kudos for the Space Battleship Yamato pic (even though the pic you chose was the worst movie in the series LOL) I was just wishing they would make SBY game!!!
Saw Wanted and Get Smart. You are right Wanted looks GREAT in digital and will look better on HD… Angelina? What the hell was she doing there? Why was she in it? Who knows, Who cares…. And Get Smart, nice little tribute movie, loved everyone except the Rock ofcourse. Only movie he was good in was where he played country western singing gay guy and I cant even remember name of the damned thing LOL (Editor’s Note: It was “Be Cool”). But DAMN Kiddo there is a A LOT of shit coming in the trailers Punisher 2, XFiles 2, DarkNight, HellBoy 2, Mummy 3… sequels sequels OMG!
DVD release again CRAP this week, except for Vantage Point, did you get it? It turned out to be ok, not what I was hoping and and not what it could or should have been, but did you see??? NISSAN VERSA NISSAN VERSA! and it was blue! Which leads to Bruce and Lloyd Out Of Control, Tv movie made big on direct to Blu-ray LOL… barely watchable with one exception, the red head chick from Epic Movie and Charlie from Heroes! Is involved with that asian dude in real life or what?!? Does anyone else see that she is only repeating what I say????

Alright Kid, thats enough ranting for now. Happy belated BDay, happy early fourth.
Miss you all, Spanks and Thanks,




2 responses

2 07 2008
Jesse Bramhall

LMAO, I should have checked before posting a picture from the Battleship Yamato series! Next time! LOL, I’m not familiar with the series, I should watch it though. I have watched galaxy railways… is that the same guy?

2 07 2008
Jesse Bramhall

Yeah, that red head from heroes was hot!

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