Cooking Mama Sequel Coming to Wii

2 07 2008

Cooking Mama: World Kitchen, brought to you by Nabisco’s, er, I mean Majesco’s dedicated developer, Cooking Mama Limited! That’s right, the series has been successful enough to make the titles a sole responsibility of an entire development team! Cooking game enthusiasts need not wait long, as Mama’s new game is slated for a Q4 release.

Our head honcho Will D’angelo did a review of the last Cooking Mama Wii game (Cooking Mama Cook Off). The title didn’t fair so well in his eyes, primarily because of poor motion sensing. However, Majesco’s Chief Executive Officer Jesse Sutton has assured us of newer, better features.

Mama’s newest iteration, Cooking Mama World Kitchen, builds on (the series’) success with a host of feature enhancements that improve the cooking experience and deliver more of the unique personality that has made Mama such an endearing video game character.

Endearing? How about scary! Seriously, am I the only one who thinks the game’s main character has a creepy, soulless stare? Somehow, I find little cartoon characters who hold kitchen utensils with smiles on their faces more eerie than endearing, but that’s just me. The reason must be that Mama reminds me of a certain character from my childhood nightmares.

Oh geez, she kind of looks like my wife without a nose! I hope I never wake up to a smile like that!

[IGN – Hands On]
[IGN – Screenshots]




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