Chrono Trigger: No to Wiiware, Yes to DS!

2 07 2008

Ok, this is not Wii news, but it is BIG news!  Sure, we aren’t getting one of Square’s greatest RPG’s on WiiWare (like I’ve wanted), but at least the mother of all RPGs is coming to a Nintendo console!  Who could complain?  According to Gamestop, the game won’t receive the 3d treatment Final Fantasy III and IV underwent.  That said, the game will have touch screen functionality, wireless play, and a brand new dungeon.  This Super Nintendo masterpiece is not a long way off, either. Expect the title anywhere between October and Christmas.

[Via Destructoid]
[Chrono Trigger Confirmation -Source]
[Chrono Trigger will be 2d – Source]




One response

2 07 2008

As someone who has played this game countless times on the SNES, I can say with full honesty that I’m happy that others who didn’t get the chance to play it will be able to enjoy this truly beautiful gem of gaming.

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