Castlevania Judgment: Online and Wii-DS Connectivity Confirmed

2 07 2008

Previously on The Wiicast, Will reported on Castlevania Judgment, the new fighting game from Iragashi’s beloved vampire hunter series. Not surprisingly, the internet didn’t take news of a spin off too kindly. The info, which was originally confirmed by Nintendo Power, seemed to inspire the jerk in people. Here’s a quote from Destructoid.

But we just got the press release and its been confirmed that this isn’t a fever dream of some sort: they’re making a God d***ed Castlevania fighting game….

….Additionally, some characters will be able to set traps and control monsters; more zombies in fighting games, thanks.

Where were we? Oh right, good reporting! According to Joystiq, the game will allow you to “whip it” with others in an online competitive mode. Unfortunately, fighting games have not always had the greatest track record with online multiplayer. Even Nintendo’s opus, Smash Brothers, has been guilty of a great deal of lag that even one bad connection can induce.

Online isn’t the only announced feature, the rumored Wii-DS connectivity has been confirmed. If gamers own Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, which is coming to DS, they will be able to unlock bonus content. Wohooo! Alright, so not so awesome, one would have hoped that players could bring their leveled up DS characters into the Wii fighting game. Well, maybe that’s just me! Hopefully more features will be announced as we near the Q4 2008 release.

So what do you think about the new game, awesome or major fail?

[Quote via Destructoid]
[Info via Joystiq]




5 responses

2 07 2008

epic fail.

3 07 2008

well.. I’m expecting this to suck.. but who knows… it might be decent

3 07 2008

now now you two give it a shot it might be good plus capcom has tried 3d adventure ones before and failed trust me lol so maybe going a differnt route might be good and who knows if this is good we might just get a good 3d adveture too

3 07 2008

I think it will be pretty cool, It’s radical changes that progress a series. Unless you all want to keep playing the same game over and over again. I say give it a chance before you shoot it down.

5 07 2008

I’m not going to judge it until I either see gameplay or get my hands on it. It’s not fair to just say it sucks when we’ve seen nothing about it really.

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