The DSCast Episode 1

1 07 2008

Ladies and gentleman! Jonathan Rector presents the very first episode of the DSCast! This week he takes on Guitar Hero: On Tour and Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Plus chatter about Pokemon and Kirby!!





6 responses

1 07 2008
Banana Goat

Hey, the video won’t play, dip shits. GOD! fix it?!

1 07 2008
ima fag

don’t work. be sure to delete this will, i wouldnt want any of my comments to remain on the site.

1 07 2008
Will D'angelo

Ima Fag, You have the power to delete your own comments. Id like to have your comments removed as well. There’s no need for non-constructive vulgar language or homophobic slurs on this blog. Save it for some other message board. If I could ban IPs you’d already be gone by now after the last comments. If you don’t have anything to add to the post discussions don’t hit the comment button.

1 07 2008
Jesse Bramhall

PS3cast is MINE!!!!!!!!

1 07 2008
ac slater

I liek teh show. Jonathan, does teh screen on your blue and black ds look different than the screens of teh white/black/pink ds’s. Ive heard a rumor that teh new ones have a different resolution or something. I would appreciate anyone’s input on this. Thanks.

2 07 2008

Good Job Jonathan. I enjoyed watching it a lot. I have been waiting for the DS cast ever since you said it would come out. Thanks for working so hard for us.

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