Square-Enix, We Want Our VC Titles!

30 06 2008

Many people argue that we will never see the likes of a Chrono Trigger, or a Final Fantasy VI on Virtual Console. The reason? Square would rather charge you $40 to $60 dollars for a remake than charge you $8 to $10 for the original game. However, Japan’s Playstation Store has seen six games from Square-Enix, and gamesindustry.biz is reporting that twelve more are coming to that territory (no word on other markets yet)! So, what’s the deal Square? I think I speak for most Wii/Square-Enix fans when I say, “We want our VC!”





3 responses

30 06 2008

I’m not really a big fan of Square-Enix, but I was a huge fan of the Squaresoft titles. I do know that they’ve put Actraiser on the VC, which is from them. I’d love to see Chrono Trigger and other old games from them come to the VC.

30 06 2008

gawd i hope they do along with some other vc titles that i want so badly including majoras mask and donkey kong 64.

30 06 2008

I thought it was in Nintendo’s hand, and they’re the one stopping the release? Maybe I’m wrong. Regardless, I want my FFXI.

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