New RPG Heading to Wii: Arc Rise Fantasia

30 06 2008

1up brought to light for the western game community a special treat for RPG fans!  Arc Rise Fantasia, a new role-playing game for Wii, is being produced by both Marvelous and Image Epoch. Image Epoch brought us the cult hit Luminous Arc on DS, so fans of that game are surely excited by this news.

The game takes place in the dragon infested empire of Meridian.  So called “contaminant dragons” can destroy a city even by being killed (which results in an explosion). So when the empire discovers that the infestation is headed for the capitol of Diamant, they immediately send out an army to counter-act them.  Along with the army, the empire sends a mercenary named Bright, and a royal prince named Alse, who look to be the major characters. A girl named Ryphia, who can control storms of magic, is introduced later when she saves an injured Bright.

Very little has been explained about Arc Rise Phantasia’s gameplay.  1up reports that the game will have an “action point-based system that appears to be turn-based.”  A release date for Japan hasn’t been announced, either.  However, this looks to be a game with undoubted potential.  The waiting game is always rough, but hey, we’re Nintendo fans.  Am I right?

[1up – Arc Rise Fantasia Relieves Wii RPG Drought]
[IGN – Arc  Rise Fantasia Screenshots]




One response

30 06 2008

Great, this game really looks like it can be a good one :D, Whit this one it make 4 RPG game that I’m waiting for; FF Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearer, Tales of Symphonia, Fragile and this one 😀

This is really good for the Wii. I hope they show more new exciting game exclusive for the Wii at E3:D

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