E3 Wish List: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers

30 06 2008

With E3 quickly approaching I though it would be fun to discuss some of the games I hope will be shown at the expo.

What the hell happened to FFCC:TCB? This game looks amazingly promising! Sqeenix has been very hush hush on the title ever since My Life as a King was announced for WiiWare and rumors have been floating around that the title was put on hold. Is this game gone forever or will we see it’s triumphant return at E3? Are you excited about The Crystal Bearers?




5 responses

1 07 2008
Ryan Moody

Well I want this game to live on. I really think titles like this could help stop the continuous complaints of the lack of “hard core” games.

Plus it looks like Final Fantasy getting back to it’s fantasy and steampunk roots on the NES and SNES. I’m so sick of multi player fests, Disney crossovers and sequels to sequels coming from Square and I prey and hope this game gives us some new characters and a new refreshing interesting story.

1 07 2008

Right now this is my most anticipated game for Wii, well unless a new Zelda title is reveal at E3 😀

1 07 2008
Christian Henri

Personally I LOVED the N64 version of CC although there were various quirks that could’ve been fixed on it…I enjoyed playing it.

Also, I would love a true final fantasy story line based game on the Wii but I think adding Multi-player capability wouldn’t make the title any worse as long as the fantasy part is done right. Something along the lines of even a “couch co-op” would make this game even more appealing.

I really hope this game doesn’t disappear.

1 07 2008

This trailer excited me from the moment I first saw it however long ago, and what frail hints of a story that have been revealed just served to increase my desire.

I’m really hoping we find out more about this title at E3.

1 07 2008

this game looks amazing also about two months ago i remember that sqeenix said that it is still being developed so thats a good thing, i just hope this game doesn’t get cancelled at one point

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