Eternity’s Child Not Coming to North America WiiWare

28 06 2008

Well! This is a strange turn of events. Look like Luc Bernard’s game Eternity’s Child will only be coming to WiiWare in Europe. I’m not sure what else to say except that this is a big disappointment. Fear Not! the game will still be available in NA via the PC distro service Steam later this year. Why not WiiWare? Luc explains to Wiiware-World..sort of:

Well as of right now Eternity’s Child is coming out on PC at the end of the month, I am not handling the Wiiware version, I am just having to translate it to 7 languages (so fun…). Eternity’s Child is currently only coming out in Europe on WiiWare for the moment.

Alten8 have the Wiiware version and it’s their decision when or where to release it, and from what I know europe is their priority. At this point I think Eternity’s Child Wiiware might come out in europe at the end of Q3, but I don’t control when or where it comes out.

I hope for my next games to release first on Wiiware and be more in charge. I would like to defend World Of Goo though, since I saw alot of people got angry about them going retail, the title looks good enough to go retail and I will probably buy it if I’m still in Europe rather than Call Of Duty. I got offered to do EC as a retail title at one point.

The problem I would say in this industry, is that when I go up to publishers all they want is EC and won’t look at any other of my games because there is no press around them, which is kind of sad. These are the phrases that I often get “great game design but art style is not mainstream enough”, “art style does not appeal to hardcore gamers”, “we have not seen results of Wiiware sales so we’ll pass”, “there is no press surrounding this game we don’t know if people will want it”. Maybe I should just put in a space marine with a gun that is defending earth from space nazis for them to be interested!

He might be on to something with that space Nazi idea…

[Eternity’s Child – Wiiware-World]




2 responses

28 06 2008
Jesse Bramhall

Dude! Worst news to ever hit the Wiicast! I’m serious!

28 06 2008
Jesse Bramhall

Me: So how does one get a hold of your game in NA if you’re a Mac user. 😦

Luc Bernard
well they wait for the USA wiiware version to come out, I never said it will NEVER come out, it’s just Europe is a priority right now

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