Megaman 9 Is For Wiiware!

26 06 2008

Last week we brought you a rumor that Megaman 9 might be coming to WiiWare. Well, in this month’s Nintendo power that rumor was allegely confirmed. The game will feature a retro 8 bit style as well as classicly named villians such as Magma Man, Galaxy Man, Jewel Man, Concrete Man, Hornet Man, Plug Man, Tornado Man, and Splash WOMAN. I’m officially wetting my pants. What do you guys think? Step forward or backward?

More screenshots at the link below

[megaman 9 confirmed – blue-bomber]




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26 06 2008

This news has gotten me very excited! I’ve been waiting all week to hear about Diablo III, and then I get a treat like this. WOOT

26 06 2008

Definately a step forward. The original Mega Man series still holds up amazingly well today as some of the pinacles of gaming. Keeping it in the old style, they not only play off of all the older gamers (I use that term loosely, how old is old when we are talking tech anyway lol), they bring the style in a new form to all the younger generations who have yet to see what was “so great” about all the old games and what gaming meant and should still mean.

I wish more companies would expand on their titles this way.

Now… Nintendo… this better mean the Mega Man series is coming to the NES/SNES VC soon…

26 06 2008


This game will also build on the plot ‘n’ stuff, right?

I know most people prolly couldn’t care less about MegaMan’s plot. But, hey, I do.


27 06 2008

That’s caught me by surprise! Wow a new classic Mega-Man game…that will look classic! Niiice!

27 06 2008

Step backward. This game has been a long time coming and to revert back to the NES style is a slap in the face. The core gameplay of the Mega Man games has not changed at all since the introduction of the Mega Buster in Mega Man IV, so I fail to see what the point of going for a retro look is.

Mega Man VII and 8, retained the gameplay that made the series great while updating the graphics for the times. The fault with them was, much like MMV and VI, the robot masters were uninspired and the plot was essentially the same as all the previous games. The formula just became stale and predictable, but the gameplay was still identical to the NES games. I don’t see why in 2008 we couldn’t receive a gorgeous looking 2D title like Wario Land Shake! or the DS Castlevania’s with beautiful hand drawn sprites and detailed backgrounds. Instead we’re getting a new NES game.

To me this is just extreme laziness on Capcom’s part. Instead of developing Mega Man 9, they’re keeping developments costs ridiculously low by essentially ROM hacking Mega Man 2, adding new boss sprites and calling it Mega Man 9. I expect this kind of thing from fan sites, not the developer.

I’m very mixed on this announcement. I’m glad the classic series is finally getting a new entry, but I’m also extremely disappointed in the presentation.

27 06 2008

I for one think this is absolutely fantastic. It was actually my fanboyish wet-dream that they’d make another Megaman game and have it use oldschool graphics, so I’m on cloud nine at the moment. It’s like Capcom is offering this up as an apology for all the crap that came after the NES Megaman games.

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