Castlevania Fighter Coming to Wii. Fail.

26 06 2008

You know that sound when a cartoon character is disappointed? That Wah Wah sound. That’s all I could think about when I saw this picture. According to Nintendo Power Castlevania Judgment will be a 3D fighter exclusively for the Wii. Apparently you’ll move your fighter with the nunchuck and use the Wii remote to pull of your moves. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing a Belmont kick the crap out of Dracula but somehow picking them from a menu screen feels wrong.





13 responses

26 06 2008


why not just give us a Castlevania GAME!?!

THAT I would freakin’ pre-order.

this thing? I think I’d rather play Street Fighter EX =P

26 06 2008

idk it might be cool

26 06 2008


26 06 2008
Banana Goat

Well, leave it to the Wii system to ruin another game(s).

26 06 2008

omg, wtf is with this kiddie crap in my zelda! wind waker is gonna be epic fail!

jk guys,I know it’s not exactly the same, but ever since games like wind waker and pikmin came along, I’m going to reserve and “judgement” (sorry about the pun) till I actually get to either play it or get some reviews.

Sometimes, a departure can be good for a series, not saying this is, but I’m not saying it’s not either.

27 06 2008

yea we just got to wait till it has some gameplay for this maybe it plays like soul calbir but with a Castlevania twist plust it capcom they have been doing good making sure their games are good for the wii

27 06 2008

Well, if done right this might be fun. We’ll wait and see…

27 06 2008

:P, I would have prefer a normal Catlevania game rather than this, but I don’t know…. it can still be a good game (I really doubt it but…) :S

27 06 2008
clever snorlax

who wants a cas. fighter. everyone really knows that inside they want a full 3d adventure, hopefully with a belmont and although it sounds cliche, to use the wiimote as a whip the dispatch the enemies of darkness.

27 06 2008
clever snorlax

ika is crazy, just because it’s the wii, doesn’t mean that he has to put some different spin on a tried and true formula. 100% guaranteed to be the least successful cas. title ever

27 06 2008
link to the ass

This fails because you dont like fighting games? Well too fucking bad. I like fighting games, and i am willing to wait until a agme comes out before passing judgement… asshole.

27 06 2008
Banana Goat

If i wanted a fighting game I’d play mortal combat… not Castlevania. Like Will said, its just wrong….

28 06 2008

@ Banana… How does the Wii ruin games? Are you just retarded? It’s not like this is Nintendo’s choice. It’s Iga’s and Konami’s. “ZOMG I Third party is trying something new and different….. NINTENDOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” That’s basically what it boils down for you doesn’t it?

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