The Wiicast Episode 93: On a Budget

25 06 2008

In a failing economy The Wiicast shows you how to game on a budget. This week see how far $25 will go when put toward Wii games!




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25 06 2008

Alright 🙂
Good to know it’s possible to have decent games for a cheap buck. 🙂

BTW: where did the Viewer Mail segment go?

25 06 2008

Yeah about those people on that you were talking about at the begging don’t listen to them they are stupid plain in simple.Good show. Is rockband episode next week. Well I can tell y’all that if you have a 360 or ps3 but it on that because the wii version really does suck check out the review on ign not for their opinion but for the stuff they list that’s not in the game and its a lot. But hey Guitar hero 4 will be a lot better because it will have the first download able content for the wii that what the developers told

25 06 2008
Jesse Bramhall

If you’re poor, get a gamefly account! This is what I do, I play all the games even though I rarely get to buy them.

25 06 2008

i get the idea…
its good for some i guess…

but i personally don’t want stupid cheap games to invade the wiicast…

go with the best game you can i always say.

25 06 2008

Im sorry, but I have to say this. Sonic 3D Blast is one of the worst sonic games ever. That isometric camera is nausiating to stare at. Worse possible choice.

25 06 2008

I hate puzzle games, already have Sonic Mega Collection, Gyrostar…eh…looks like a fancy Flash game. I haven’t bought any games since Brawl. 😦

25 06 2008

another question where did the viewer mail go??

25 06 2008

Gyrostar looks like a cross between Tempest,Gyruss and Wipeout. But it looks fun.

25 06 2008

whoever made those comments against the Wiicast…… just idiotic.

“don’t force us to get certain games”!?!?

uhhh, if you’re not here to get some info/input/suggestions on what games to play, THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE?!!??!

and yea, wasn’t it kind of obvious that Will trades in games all the time to make these purchases!?

keep up the good work, Will! don’t listen to the naysayers!!!

25 06 2008

also: the supposed “forcing” is to encourage the makers of boom blox or blast works to continue making games and money…

great games need great support/ers.

26 06 2008

Not sure one viewer comment warrants an entire show, but…okay.

Anyway, I can’t say that any of those games shown in the WiiCast really look like something worth promoting, but I did find Zack & Wiki recently for $20 at a local Toys-r-us, and it was definitely a worthy, budget title.

26 06 2008

GeekyDad- you post on the Tenchu 4 forum on Gamefaqs right?

so strange to “recognize” someone between forums….. crazy internet… =P

27 06 2008

One of my favorite episodes, keep up the good work!

30 06 2008

Hi, I’m the naysayers over on that made that comment. If anybody read my comment I talk some good about his show (in which he didn’t tell all of my comment that I post too). I actually like his show being watching his show since Metroid came to the Wii plus I had my Wii since Aug. of last year. If you watch the week before to me he sound like he was force us to buy Boom Box but I’m not really into Boom Box game at all plus some other person over on gt made about the same comment on me on that too so I wasn’t the only one who was feeling this way. Plus I really didn’t know Will trades games in (I know he talks about Gamestop a lot) so not everybody probably didn’t know this. To the other comment over here say I should get a gamefly account I have to tell you I don’t have the time to play video games that much (I do work now 12 hours shift so many days I work and off so many days) so me getting one wouldn’t help me out plus I love to buy games either new or used at good prices that I can afford (I even wait sometimes to buy games on sale). I even buy games on Ebay because I don’t live anywhere near me that sells used video games that much. I also want to say I play video games over 20 years (I being play video games since I was 8 years old and I’m 33 now) so I know what I’m talking about in video games (I got other game systems beside the Wii too but no X-box 360 or PS3 because waiting till they go down more in the price can’t fork how much they do cost).I also want to add that I’m a woman too in which is a rare for women to play video games too.

5 07 2008

hey guys. i was wondering when gyrostarr will be available on wiiware europe, coz i can’t wait to play it

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