It’s Not Easy Being a Spider! New Deadly Creatures Video.

24 06 2008

Hate spiders? What’s your problem!?!?!? I bet you never thought about how tough it is to be one! As the video shows, being creepy doesn’t matter when snakes are several times your size! When Deadly Creatures releases in the US this October, gamers will get the chance to truly see the world through insect eyes. My guess is, that world’s biggest enemy is human feet! For now, head on over to IGN to see their seven new videos and positive preview of this insect infested game.





5 responses

24 06 2008

I gotta say, this game looks quite interesting.
though i still get some shakes seeing that spider, playing the Scorpion looks like it would be interesting.
And the plot, yes there is one. Seems quite cool as well
So far, i might be picking this one up, we’ll see.

24 06 2008

I would sooner play a video game based on “high school musical” than this ….

is it in the bargain bin yet?

*sigh*…. it’ll probably have 2 sequels and a DS side-quest.

24 06 2008

ps – I predict the DS version will be called “Deadly Creatures: Larval” =P

fake box art anyone?? =P

24 06 2008

this is a game im waiting for cant wait to see how it like. funny thing is it reminds me of a ps1 game i use to have where u where a mechanical spider

25 06 2008

this looks very interesting, I think i’ll be getting this 🙂

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