IGN Reveals Mario Super Sluggers Control Scheme

24 06 2008

When Mario Super Sluggers was showcased at the Nintendo Media Summit, many were worried about the waggle-only control scheme presented to the press. Recently, IGN gave us the scoop on how Nintendo’s new baseball game will control.

When up to bat, you swing the Wiimote just like a bat. You can adjust the batter’s position with the nunchuck analogue stick, and press various button combinations to perform a bunt or a super swing. You also have full control over your base runners and can command individual runners to advance and steal a base.

During pitching, you again swing the Wiimote around, this time to toss the ball. Swing the Wiimote on its own, and your pitcher will perform a standard fast ball. You can also achieve change-ups, curve balls, and more powerful special pitches by holding down buttons as you pitch.

The Wiimote is also put to use when fielding. Once you’ve fielded the ball, you swing the Wiimote to toss the ball to the infield. You have access to a variety of moves when fielding, including dives and leaping catches.

The game’s main control scheme looks to be quite different from what was shown at the summit. The reason seems to be because journalists were presented the casual mode at that particular event.

The game also provides a super simplified control scheme where you hold the Wiimote like a remote, and perform most of your actions by shaking the device. With no access to a D-pad or analogue stick, a good amount of the gameplay is left to the CPU, making this something most will want to leave for their grandparents.

Waggle haters need not worry, the game has a non-motion feature, as well.

…those who don’t like the idea of waggle-based controls at all can opt for a pure digital experience, holding the Wiimote horizontally.

US gamers can get their hands on the title August 25, 2008. Has anyone imported the game? What did you think?





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