Capucine Still Coming to Wii…Eventually

23 06 2008


I decided to play some catch up regarding the game Capucine. I covered the game about a year ago on The Wiicast and hadn’t heard anything about it since. The game looks really interesting. You play as a young girl on an adventure involving the manipulation of light and shadow. According to the official website, Capucine is currently still being developed on the PC and eventually the team of students hopes to port it to the Wii. You might be tempted to hate on the graphics but remember, this is a small game made by students and it’s still in very early development. Check out the official site for some amazing artwork and some in game screenshots.

[Capucine – Official Site]




6 responses

24 06 2008
Banana Goat

Well, this game does look interesting… I like the idea of it. But when will it be on Wii!? I guess we’ll just wait and see.

24 06 2008

OMG, what an horrible boring game, Not for me, sorry.

24 06 2008

the graphics are jusst too ugly for me to like it yet

24 06 2008

to jacob the wii doesn’t have good graphics to begin with

24 06 2008

jacob give them some slack they are just students after all and brent wii may not have the best graphics but most devs are just lazy for the lack of good looking games

24 06 2008

It didn’t even occur to me that the graphics aren’t great because I liked the style too much (and generally don’t give a flip over graphics). This very much interested me. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. Kinda reminded me of Pan’s Labyrinth.

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