Bossy Three Year Old Terrified of Wii Wheel, Teeth

22 06 2008

Here’s a weekend video for you! This little girl is a master dictator when it comes to Mario Kart. Don’t even think about trying to get her to play! And don’t try and slip in that Big Teeth level, either! You’re there to ENTERTAIN her. Do her bidding and play or else! She also manages to answer the age old question: “What’s cooler than cool?”. Ice cold, bitches. Ice cold.




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23 06 2008



23 06 2008

I can’t even understand her, lol, I’m the exact opposite of a kid person, though.

23 06 2008

here is a video of my daughter playing Rock Band. she actually plays this game. perhaps because there aren’t any “TEETH”. this video is from when she was 2 years old. enjoy! and thanks for the admin getting my vid on the front page!

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