The Speed Gamers’ New Marathon: 8 Super Mario Games in 24 Hours

20 06 2008

If you missed the Legend of Zelda Marathon (or didn’t donate) last weekend, then for shame! FOR SHAME, I say! The Speedgamers, however, have a couple more marathons you can catch, if you didn’t watch the most recent one. The next marathon is Super Mario, where the Speed Gamers will play through eight Mario games in twenty-four hours. No charity has been listed on the site for this event, but the Speed Gamers will be doing a seventy-two hour Metroid marathon in August for St. Jude. Check these guys out, if you haven’t already!

[via The Speed Gamers]



One response

20 06 2008

Woohoo! I cant wait. I had so much fun wathcing the Zelda one.

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