New Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Screen Shots

18 06 2008

I’m a little disappointed! Sure, the visuals in PGA Tour 09 seem to have improved from the last version of Tiger Woods, but one would think a golf game could look much better than this on Wii. According to IGN Wii’s EIC, Matt Casamassina, though, the gameplay is shaping up to be better than any other golf game on Wii.

We’ll need to sink much more time into Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 before we can make any final calls, but so far, the game delivers, bringing to the arena an experience with much better gameplay mechanics and noticeably improved visuals, not to mention more gameplay modes (including online and golf party) than ever before. Right now, this is our favorite golf game to date and we think that as soon as you play and see it for yourself, you’ll be a believer, too.

We’ll have to just wait until August 26th to see if this title finally delivers the golf experience many of us have been waiting for.

[IGN – Screenshots]
[IGN – Preview]




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