Ken Fox: “We think this [The Clone Wars] is the game that delivers on that [Lightsaber] promise”

18 06 2008

IGN recently got to sit down with Ken Fox to discuss the upcoming Wii exclusive Star Wars game The Clone Wars. The Clone Wars is being developed from the ground up for Wii and Ken Fox makes some lofty promises about the impact the game will have on players.

The promise of a Wii Lightsaber game has hung in the air since the Wii hit the shelves. We think this is the game that delivers on that promise. It also delivers on what we think Wii owners will want from a game based on the new Clone Wars Movie, DVD, and TV series. The Clone Wars is an exciting way to relive the duels from the series using your Wii remote as a lightsaber, as well as keep the gameplay open and accessible to everyone.

The interview also states the the Lightsaber controlls will not be 1:1 as many where hoping but Ken comforts us by saying “it feels like the most natural and convincing sword type experience I’ve had on the Wii.” Are you guys excited that we’re finally getting “The Lightsaber Game” we’ve all been hoping for or are you just hoping they won’t screw it up? Hit up the link for the full interview. It’s a great read!

[IGN interview: Star Wars: The Clone Wars – IGN]




2 responses

18 06 2008
Jesse Bramhall

LOL, so I guess I’ll be getting TFU on my PS3 and this on my Wii! Well, that’s one problem solved!

19 06 2008

If its not 1:1 its not the “lightsaber experience” I’ve been dreaming of.

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