Facebreaker will “Knock You Out” September 5th

18 06 2008

I’m of the opinion that someone has got to be able to get a boxing game working properly on Wii! Question is, is that “someone” EA? Gamers will find out on September 5th, when EA’s stretchy-faced cartoon characters go head to head in Facebreaker. Few details have been released on the Wii version of this fantasy boxing title, but in the last week or so, we’ve seen EA Sports games get very positive previews for both Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, and Madden NFL 09. One can only hope EA’s answer to Ready 2 Rumble lives up to Wii fans’ expectations.

[via WiiFanboy]




One response

19 06 2008

i will be astonished if this game isn’t god-awful.

boxing has been, on the wii, tragic in all its dimension- reaction time, realistic feel, etc. etc.

as i was an amateur boxer myself, fighting out of oakland , ca- i feel i can comment.

i think im most ready to be disappointed with the controls, no easy feat with this here wii…

ihope im wrong and facebreakers isn’t a dud.

—-‘fingers crossed’

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