Despite Low Sales, EA says Boom Blox Met Expectations

18 06 2008

EA’s CEO, John Riccitiello, seems to think we’re judging the mere 60 thousand in sales for their critically acclaimed Boom Blocks a bit too harshly.

Right now, [Boom Blox] has met our expectations internally based on the model that was put forward by Kathy [Vrabeck] and her team. It has continued to sell well – it did break into the Top Ten for the Wii.

Riccitiello also seems to feel that there’s a distinction between the hardcore and casual markets.

With a game like Madden, or a game like Bad Company, or any of the other core franchises, the standard in the game industry is to market sometimes for a year prior to release, sometimes – at the bare minimum – six months.

The CEO notes that hardcore games are expected to get twenty to thirty percent of their life time sales in the first week, but with casual games like Boom Blox, EA predicts a much flatter, longer sales curve.

So what’s our readers’ take? Is EA’s CEO giving us PR spin, or is the market for casual games fundamentally different?





3 responses

18 06 2008

That seems accurate to me. hardcore titles get the players who preorder and stay up all night waiting for the newest games. Casual players look and decide based on when the game they’re playing gets boring and wants to try something new. They don’t think about release dates or preorder windows at all.

18 06 2008
Jesse Bramhall

well, I guess I’m a more casual gamer then, lol. I don’t generally worry about release dates anymore, I usually don’t buy new titles until I’m done with the ones I have anymore. It’s too overwhelming for me to buy more games when I’m trying to get through ones I already own! Besides the occasional title, I rarely preoder.

I see what you’re saying though.

18 06 2008

i still think the timing of the release is horrible with gta4 mario kart yeah and also mgs4 that just came out. Alot of good games are coming out and i think its getting overlooked

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