Nintendo Expected to Reveal “Core” Games at E3.

17 06 2008

The director of public relations at Nintendo, Marc Franklin, recently told Gamepro that the Big N will be revealing several games for the core gamer, “around the time of E3.” In the interview, Franklin claims that, on Sunday mornings, the Hardcore gamer is “the clear majority” waiting in Wii lines at local stores. With recently revealed games like Mad World and The Conduit, Nintendo’s PR man seems pretty confident in suggesting a trend of publishers toward the Wii.

They realize that Wii is the current platform of choice in this generation, and their bottom lines depend on appealing to the largest base.

What do readers think about these statements? Do you think Nintendo will deliver the goods to core gamers this E3?





2 responses

17 06 2008

Nintendo definitively needs to show something, cause right now we are empty, there’s no worthy game for Wii in the near future, at least, not that we know…. I know there are some rumors about a Kid Icarus game and a new Zelda game, but there is nothing official.. yet :S…. I hope Nintendo don’t come up with a Wii sport 2 or Wii music game as the long waited “core game”, cause that would suck :S

17 06 2008

Well you know how Nintendo is. They release little things just to stake their claim. Then they go full force with some of the more core games. I expect to see some really interesting titles. A new franchise or two.

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